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Dive into BOLD's pool of talents. We help brands create unique identities, connect with their audience, build trust and shape immersive experiences.

Let us add some success to your story.

BOLD LA offers the resources and the global network to help you master the unique challenges of the fast-paced marketing landscape. Sometimes you need a bit of help to keep up with digital innovation, constantly changing trends and market fluctuation.




One team, one spirit is the way we play. In partnership we trust, all the way from optimizing internal workflows to choosing external experts. Encouraging and creating a space for dialogue, to build understanding and inspire growth. Together we will take bold steps forward as we collaborate on innovative ideas in flexible structures.



From start – as in personalized proposals, along the way – as in charting progress, to finish – as in measurable success. But before you can see and feel: you talk and we listen. We will help you discover what makes you special, then provide guidance and hands-on expertise on the path to achieving your goals. BOLD is ready for you, whether you have a start-up or an established company.



made by delving into your brand’s DNA and goals to find the most compatible experts in terms of both character and competence. We like bringing people together to create a win-win business culture environment.

At BOLD, we’re in it for the long term. When it comes to relationships, we believe in sharing praise, honest and direct feedback, and constructive criticism to enable growth. Perfect matches are


Communication concepts
Brand strategy
Influencer & Talent Relations
Strategic partnerships
Events & Experimental
Social Media
Press relations
Content production